Train Transfers To and From Northwest Arkansas Airport

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Northwest Arkansas National Airport Train Transfers

Upon arrival at Northwest Arkansas National Airport (XNA), passengers can choose from several ground transportation services, including rental cars, taxis, rideshares, hotel shuttles, and bus services.

The airport is just a short drive from downtown Bentonville, Arkansas.

There are three ways to get from Northwest Arkansas National Airport (XNA) to Bentonville. These are via taxi, car, or town car. Each course takes 23 minutes from the terminal to the city center.

The cheapest way to get to the train station from the airport is via driving a car, while the quickest way to get there is via riding a taxi.

Many transport options exist for travelers who want to save money or avoid traffic congestion.

The estimated rate via taxi from the airport to Bentonville is $40-$55, via car is $3-$4, and via town car is rated dependent on demands.

There is no existing train connection directly to the airport. Still, you can take the Arkansas Amtrak Train which is the nearest train station from Northwest Arkansas National Airport.

Arkansas Amtrak Train Service is the only train option you can utilize. It offers daily service for people traveling Northwest Arkansas National Airport (XNA) through the Texas Eagle Route.

The Texas Eagle route has been the longest in America, connecting states Chicago with Los Angeles. The trains stop in Illinois, Missouri, Arkansas, Texas, Arizona, and California, with more frequent service in Chicago and San Antonio. Trains stop among major cities in Texas and feature Superliner rail cars with upper and lower levels.

The Arkansas Amtrak Stations has six (6) Amtrak Stations such as Arkadelphia, AR (ARK), Little Rock, AR – Union Station (LRK), Hope, AR (HOP), Texarkana, AR (TXA), Malvern, AR (MVN), and Walnut Ridge, AR (WNR).

You can ride a taxi, rental car, or bus from Bentonville to the nearest Amtrak Stations in Arkansas.

Reminders about the Arkansas Amtrak Stations:

  • There is no WiFi on the train.
  • Current schedules are available via Google Maps or when purchasing tickets. You can also check out the Amtrak website to create a custom timetable if you know your starting and ending points.
  • Trains leave Chicago in the late afternoon.
  • Trains leave Los Angeles around 10 pm.
  • Trains are passing through Arkansas overnight, particularly westbound trains.
  • The train trip from Los Angeles to Palm Springs takes about 2.5 hours.
  • The travel time between Dallas and Austin is nearly 6 hours.
  • The trip time between Dallas and San Antonio is about 8 hours.

There are rooms, bedrooms, family, and accessible bedrooms, in addition to unassigned coach seats.

Many people prefer the upper level for the views. But if you have motion sickness or want closer to bathrooms, showers, and luggage storage, reserving your sleeping accommodations on the lower level is beneficial.

Amtrak ticket prices vary depending on the type of ticket. Distance traveled, time of year, and how early you book your tickets. Coach seats are the least expensive option, followed by roomettes and bedrooms.

Estimated Texas Eagles prices if you travel the entire route:

  • Coach seats cost $100-$200.
  • A roomette costs between $600-$1,000.
  • A family bedroom costs $1,400.
  • A bedroom costs between $1,400 and $2,000.

Use the Amtrak ticket booking guide to purchase tickets for any Amtrak Stations in Arkansas at the lowest cost in any class.

Amtrak also runs sales and promotions on most routes. Visit their website

The train is one of the safest modes of transportation available. It provides a comfortable, relaxing environment as you travel from Bentonville to Arkadelphia or Kansas, Arkansas.

The best part is that getting from Bentonville to Arkadelphia is inexpensive, with train tickets starting at just $7.5. This is an estimate; please contact the train ticket seller directly for more precise information.

According to the database, the best route from Bentonville to Arkadelphia is through Malvern. The Arkansas Amtrak Train Station's path can be viewed on the company's website.

We recommend you book your train tickets from Bentonville to an Amtrak Station in advance because the best Amtrak seats sell out quickly. Typically, the ticket costs range from $15-$120 depending on the distance of your destination.